The State of Next-Gen Piracy


Frank Yu, a manager at Microsoft Research Asia, reports that modding and piracy on next-gen consoles is running rampant inChina(DUH!!!). Wii’s can be modded so that they can run pirated games and even get firmware updates online. The DS library can be had for a mere $12, with the necessary supercard or R4 device of course. Chipped Xbox 360’s can be toggled to an unmodded state to allow the account to go on Live.

Strangely enough, he points out that the lack of demand for PS3’s in China is the reason that he hasn’t heard of any modding or pirated games for the system. You can find the original story and more (including Frank taking some of Microsofts people to have their systems modded) over at playnoevil.


~ by phgamer on October 29, 2007.

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