Podcast roundup 10/29/2007


This weeks 1UP show was pretty much all i could find time for on a lazy long weekend like this. The download clocks in at around 386mb. This week it was one of those “Not the 1UP Show” episodes, so they didn’t get a chance to do a whole lot of games. Anyway heres what I came away with :

Condemned 2 : Bloodshot

– Personally, I know nothing about his game, or the previous one in the series. From the clips they showed, theres a ton of first-person, hand-to-hand brawling. In one particular instance, the protagonist grabs one of the enemies by the neck, slams it down a toilet and then finishes it off using his foot as a plunger. NICE!!! Ryan O’Donnell, also pointed out that you could dislocate another persons shoulder, triggering a character animation where they would try to get the arm back into its socket.

– There appears to be a “Fight Club” mode of sorts

– The game play involves a lot of crime scene investigation

Turok(next gen)

– The developers Propaganda Games seem to be attempting a reboot of the Turok series. You definitely will not be playing a native-american hero as you did in the previous installments, my bet is on the new hero being named John Turok or something. In any case, from the game play footage that was shown, nothing from the original series carries over here.

– Shane Battenhausen mentions that this is one of the more recent Unreal Engine 3 games that graphically looks on par with Gears of War.

– The weapons in the game have a very Unreal Tournament feel, while the game play borrows more from Halo.


~ by phgamer on October 28, 2007.

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